Ashley Yearwood
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Denison’s Bermudan Senior Ashley Yearwood continued an excellent final season with the Big Red when she competed at the Miami Invitational in Oxford Ohio from Dec 3-5, 2015.  Yearwood was a part of relay team that now leads the nation in Division 3 in the 200 and 400 medley relays.

In the 200 yard medley relay The Big Red A team lowered their season best time of 1:44.90 where Yearwood did butterfly duty in 25.12 to finish 2nd overall. In that performance the A team clocked a season best of 1:42.69. It was well under the Division 3 B standard of 1:45.96 .It was also well under the 1:45.16 it took to get invited to the NCAA championships in 2015.Yearwood also put in her best butterfly split of the season of 24.76. Her butterfly performance was the 2nd fastest of the relays. The team continues to get closer to the 2009 school record of 1:41.17. The relay was won by Division 1 Competitors Miami Ohio in 1:42.15.


In the 400 yard medley relay The Big Red was again the best placed Division 3 team finishing 2nd  in 3:45.27.That performance was the fastest The Big Red has recorded this season. Her lead backstroke leg of 56.12 was also the fastest Yearwood has done this season bettering the 57.98 she did in November. That 56.12 is also the 6th fastest in Division 3.Yet again the time posted by the A team is well under the NCAA B standard of 3:51.95.The time of 3:50.40 that was required to get invited to the NCAA championship was also easily bettered. The team also continues to track the 2009 school record of 3:43.42.

In the 200 yard freestyle relay Yearwood put in a season best split of 23.16 on the second leg to help the A team to 3rd in 1:32.93. Her previous split was 23.64 when the team recorded their previous season best of 1:34.41.The B standard and 2015 NCAA championships invitation of 1:35.85 and 1:35.11were easily bettered. The 2015 school record which Yearwood helped to set last season of  1:31.82 is now in jeopardy .The team’s performance has them ranked 2nd in Division 3.

In individual action Yearwood finished 8th in the 100 yard backstroke. In both heats and the final she bettered the NCAA B standard of 57.44 as she clocked 56.85 and 57.19 respectively.

The same was true in the 50 yard freestyle where she finished 8th in 23.85. Her morning swim had her timed at 23.68. The NCAA B standard is 23.88.That swim also puts her 11th overall in Division 3.

The 100 yard freestyle saw her posting 51.29 in the heats then 51.64 in the Championship final where she placed 9th. The NCAA B standard of 52.14 was beaten twice. Yearwood was placed 11th in the Division 3 rankings.

The Big Red finished 4th  overall with 1451.5 points.


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