Kendese Nangle
Kendese Nangle Photo courtesy of


On Saturday January 30 The Big Green travelled to Storrs Connecticut to take on the Huskies.

Nangle would win her 2nd 50 yard freestyle race of the season at the meet when she took the sprint event in 24.71.Kendese would be among the top 3 again in the 200 yard medley relay as her Big Green A 200 yard medley relay team of Megan Crook, Emily Holt and Charlotte Kamai finished 2nd .They were out touched by the University of Connecticut A team 1:48.52 to 1:48.39.

Nangle would have 5th place finishes in her signature stroke, the backstroke. In the 100 yard event she was timed at 1:00.83. In the 200 yard her final time was 2:14.16. The Big Green would lose the contest 121 to 160. The focus for all college teams will be their respective conferences. The upcoming Ivy League championships will be the last for Nangle

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