15-17 girl 200 metre breaststroke podium.PNG
15-17 girl 200 metre breaststroke podium from left to right Lilly Higgs Silver , Margeret Higgs Gold Bahamas ,Bryanna Renuart Jamaica Bronze Photos courtesy of carifta2016mque


13-14 boys breaststroke podium
13-14boys 200 metre breaststroke podium from left to right Nkosi Dunwoody Barbados Silver,Izaak Bastian Bahama Gold Championship record holder, Luke Gillette Trinidad and Tobago Photo courtesy of carifta2016mque
11-12 boys 200 metre breaststroke podium
11-12 200 metre breaststroke podium from left to right Rajiv Redhi Silver Jamaica,Mccallum Clarke Barbados championship record holder Gold,Roan Baker Barbados Bronze Photo courtesy of carifta2016mque
Opening Ceremony
opening ceremony photo courtesy of carifta2016mque
opening ceremony 2
opening ceremony Photo courtesy of carifta2016mque

The opening day of the 2016 CARIFTA swimming championship records Games in Martinique on Tuesday March 22 saw 7 Championship records being lowered. Bermuda’s Emma Harvey was responsible for 2 of those while competing in the 13-14 age group.

As it was in 2015 so it would be in 2016 where Harvey would crown herself the 13-14 50 metre backstroke Champion. She would top last year’s performance by winning the title in a new Championship and Bermudan age group record of 30.43.En route to Gold she broke Trinidad and Tobago swimmer Kristin Julien’s (Florida Gulf Coast University) meet record of 30.57.She also lowered her Bermudan record of 31.11 set in Canada in July. Tying for the Bronze medal was Danielle Titus of Barbados and Virginia Stamp of the Bahamas in a time of 31.52.For Titus that was a new age record as she lowered Inayah sherry’s 2011 mark of 31.89.

Harvey would not be satisfied with only one championship record as she also took out the 100 metre butterfly record .The record belonged to another swimmer from the twin island Republic Tyla Martin who held the standard at 1:03.81. Emma would better that time as well as her own mark of 1:03.77 to win in a new 13-14 mark of 1:03.50.Silver went to St Lucia’s Katie Kyle in 1:06.68 and Aruba’s Elisabeth Timmer copped the Bronze in 1:07.34.
Another of Tyla Martin’s records would go but this time it would be in the 11-12 age group. Naele Portecop of Guadeloupe lowered Martin’s mark of 1:07.46 to win Gold in 1:06.27. Chaemael Griffit of Martinique won Silver in 1:11.32.Jamaica’s Simone Vale won Bronze in 1:12.17.
Yael Touw Ngie Tjouw of Suriname would lower the Championship record in the 13-14 boys 100 metre butterfly. He bettered countryman Zuhayr Pigot’s (University of North Carolina) 2012 record of 57.96 to 57.49. Samuel Gibson of the Bahamas won the Silver medal in a time of 1:00.52 while Bronze when to Heindrick Champrobert of Martinique in 1:005.57.
Izaak Bastian of the Bahamas, the 2015 Champion did not wait until the final to set his record .He destroyed the mark from the morning heats. He clocked a fantastic 2:23.78 split time 1:09.56 to become the fastest swimmer ever in the 13-14 age group in 200 metre breaststroke in that event and at the fastest Bahamian of all time in that age group. The championship record of 2:27.25 belonged to countryman Dustin Tynes (Ohio state University) while the age group record Auburn alumnus Olympian Jeremy Knowles (2000,2004,2008 ) at 2:27.04.He would win the final in a time of 2:24.99.Silver was won Nkosi Dunwoody in a time of 2:36.02 while Trinidad and Tobago’s Luke Gillette won Bronze in 2:36.26.
In the 15-17 girls category the battle was set to be between sisters Margaret and Lilly Higgs (SwimMAC North Carolina). Lilly was the 13-14 champion in 2015 while older sister Margaret won the 15-17 title. The title would remain in the Higgs household as older sister Margaret took the crown in a record time of 2:35.33.she broke another Bahamian’s record to win .The mark was held by Mckayla Lightbourn (FSU) in a time of 2:37.97. Lilly won the Silver in a time of 2:38.54.Jamaica’s Bryanna Renuart won the Bronze in a personal best time of 2:44.87.
Another 200 metre breaststroke would go .this time it would be in the boys 11-12 200 metre breaststroke. Mccallum Clarke of Barbados just edged the Championship record held by Aruba’s Jordy Groters from 2009 2:37.84 to 2:37.82.That performance also bettered the Barbados age group record of Luis Sebastian Weekes of 2:38.41. He would take another slice out of the record in the final when he took the gold medal in a time of 2:37.78.Jamaica’s Rajiv Redhi won Silver in a time of 2:45.69 dropping 15 seconds from his entry time .Roan baker of Barbados took the Bronze in 2:49.01.
The final record to fall was in the final event the boys 15-17 400 metre freestyle. The race which went down to the final touch was won by the Bahamas team of Jared Fitzgerald ( Peddie) 52.41,Gershwin Greene (Baylor) 53.39,Albury Miller (Cantebury) 55.08 and N’nhyn Fernander 52.66for a total time 3:33.54. Pressing them all the way to the finish was the Barbados team of Alex Sobers 52.83,Jack Kirby (Baylor) 54.03 ,Luis Sebastian Weekes 54.43and Damon St prix 52.37 ( age group fastest relay fastest relay split) who stopped the clock in 3:33.66.Both teams were under the 2013 record set by Trinidad and Tobago of 3:33.73.the members of that team were Emiro Goossen (university of Florida) Jabari Baptiste (North Carolina state ) Joshua Romany (Tennessee) and Dylan Carter (USC).The Barbados team also bettered the age group record set way back in 2001 by Andrei Cross ,Terence Haynes (Toronto),Cliff Gittens and Georgia alumnus Olympian Damian Alleyne (2000 and 2004).The twin island republic won Bronze this year in a time of 3:38.02.
Other winners on Tuesday were
The Barbados duo of Danielle Titus and Hannah Gill (Baylor) won their respective 800 metre freestyle races. Titus won the 13-14 age group in a time of 9:36.21 while Gill won the 15-17 age group in 9:18.27. In the 1500 metre freestyle the 13-14 crown went to Anaique Zachelin of Guadeloupe in 16:38.76.Leegan Dupros of Martinique won the senior crown in 16:47.79.
Sabine Ellison of the Cayman Islands won the 11-12 200 metre breaststroke title in a time of 2:56.73. Chade Nercisio of Curacao won the 13-14 age group in 2:46.12.Adriel Sanes of the US Virgin Islands won the senior 200 metre breaststroke in the fastest time of the day of 2:22.66.
In the 11-12 girls 50 metre backstroke Anouk Kamise of Guadeloupe won in 32.29.for the senior girls Madelyn Moore won in 30.72.Lamar Taylor of the Bahamas won the 11-12 boys title in 31.41.Matthew Mays of the US Virgin Islands won the 15-17 boys crown in 27.65.
In the girls 15-17 100 metre butterfly Kelsi Campbell of Jamaica won in 1:04.99 in her time representing that island. The 11-12 boys crown was won by Mitch Bourgeouis of Guadeloupe in 1:05.66.N’nhyn Fernander won the senior boys title in a time of 56.36.
In the 11-12 girls 400 metre freestyle relay Martinique won Gold in 4:20.95.The fastest split was done by the Bahamas anchor Katelyn Cabral in a time of 1:03.62.
The 13-14 relay title went to Trinidad and Tobago in a time of 4:15.38. The fastest split was recorded by Barbados anchor Danielle Titus in a time of 1:00.98.
The senior crown went to the Bahamas in a time of 4:02.28.The fastest split was recorded by Jamaica’s anchor Kelsie Campbell in a time of 59.19.
The 11-12 boys freestyle relay title went to Guadeloupe in a time of 4:04.75.the fastest time was recorded their second leg Youris Geran in a time of 59.75.
Martinique crowned themselves 13-14 boys champions with a total time of 3:44.07. Yael Touw Ngie Tjouw of Suriname had the fastest split with his anchor leg of 53.19.


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