BAHAMAS NATIONALS DAY TWO Joanna Evans sets National record in 200 metre freestyle Elvis Burrows wins 8th career title in the 50 metre butterfly,Izaak Bastian lowers 13-14 boys butterfly record

It was yet another night of exciting swimming action at the 2016 RBC National Championships in Nassau where Joanna Evans continued ton lower her senior national records and Elvis Burrows maintained control  of the 50 metre butterfly.


Joanna Evans 1 Nationals
Joanna Evans

Evans of Swift Swimming continued her record breaking form on Friday night when she took the senior title in the 200 metre freestyle in a new Bahamian record time of 2:01.62.This bettered her less than month old record of 2:01.73 set at the Longhorn Elite Invite on June 4. It was also well under the Olympic B standard time of 2:03.13. Her win marked her 4th consecutive senior crown in the race .Her winning times were as follows

2015 2:06.20
2014 2:10.85
2013 2:11.60



She is also closing in on becoming the fastest English speaking CARIFTA region in the event. The region’s best time is held by legendary Jamaican swimmer Janelle Atkinson when she won Silver at the 1999 PAN AM Winnipeg Games in a time of 2:01.11.Silver and Bronze were awarded to her teammates Lilly and Albury Higgs in times of 2:13.16 and 2:17.86 respectively.

Exhibition swimmer Venezuelan Andreina Pinto had the fastest time of the day of 2:00.64.


Bahamas 200 freestyle champions
Bahamas national champions in the 200 metre freestyle From left to right Joanna Evans and Matthew Lowe Photo courtesy of Lynne Fraino

The men’s title went to Matthew Lowe of the Barracudas Swim club in a season best time of 1:55.43. The win marked his 3rd career title following wins in 2013 and 2012.Second to the wall was Jared Fitzgerald of Alpha aquatics in 2:00.02.Third spot went to Barracudas Swim club’s Kerr Kohen in 2:01.47.

The fastest time of the day was recorded by exhibition swimmer Venezuelan Cristian Quintero in 1:48.50 just off the automatic Rio Olympics A standard of 1:47.97.


Also in excellent form on the night was Elvis Burrows of Freeport Aquatic Club who took the yet another 50 metre butterfly title. Since entering the senior ranks (15 and over age group) in 2005 Burrows has won this event on 8 occasions. Last night he added that 8th crown in a time of 24.38.

His title wins have been as follows

2015 24.98
2014 25.41
2011 24.90
2010 25.47
2009 24.47
2008 25.22
2006 26.11



The fastest time of the meet was by exhibition swimmer Venezuelan Albert Subirats who clocked 24.34. N’Nhyn Fernander of Barracudas was send to the wall in the 25.22.The Bronze medal was won by Evante Gibson of Freeport Aquatics in 26.05.


The ladies senior title went to Victoria Russell of Freeport in the only sub 30 second swim of 29.55. Silver and Bronze went the Swift Swimming duo of Celia Campbell and Jasmine Gibson in 30.28 and 30.58 respectively.

Izaak Bahamas Nationals
Izaak Bastian 13-14 boys 50 metre butterfly record holder 26.18 Photo courtesy of Bahamas Swimming

In the junior ranks Izaak bastion of the Barracudas swim club lowered his 13-14 boys record 50 metre butterfly record. At the 2016 CARIFTA Championships in Martinique he had set the record at 26.24 .He took it down to 26.18 in the final of that event.


400 Im podium
400 IM medal podium from left to right Lilly Higgs Bronze medallist, Albury Giggs Gold medallist,Joanna Evans Silver medallist Photo courtesy of Lynne Fraino

The longest race on offer on the day the 400 metre individual medley saw Swift Swimming sweeping the podium. Winning her first senior title in the event in a tight race was Albury Higgs 5:27.77.The University of South Carolina bound athlete had the following thoughts about the race “the race felt smooth and strong, and I used it to help me prepare for CISC next weekend. It’s always great to come home and swim with the teammates that I’ve had since 8 & under ” .Silver went to Evans in 5:27.77 and the Bronze went to Lilly Higgs in5:28.41. Lilly’s thoughts on the race were “I tried to stay as relaxed as possible while still holding a good pace since I am also preparing for CISC next weekend. I always enjoy racing my teammates, especially my sister for these last couple of races before she heads off to college.”

The men’s title saw another Swift sweep with Alec Sands being crowned Champion in 5:04.87.he was followed to the wall by Joshua Roberts in 5:06.39 .The Bronze went to Olympian Jeremy Knowles in 5:12.28. Knowles at CARIFTA 1999 before the advent of the 50 races in backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke won all the races in the boys 15-17 age group to include all the relays on offer the 200 and 400 freestyle relays and the 400 medley relay.

The fastest time of the day was done by exhibition swimmer Venezuelan Carlos Omaña in a time RIO Olympic B time of 4:19.37.

The senior title in the women’s 100 metre backstroke went to Barracudas Swim club’s Bria Devaux in 1:08.11.Evans was second in 1:10.79 and her teammate Celia Campbell took the Bronze in 1:11.59.


Miller Albury
National champion in the 100 metre backstroke Miller Albury Photo courtesy of Lynne Fraino

Miller Albury of Alpha Aquatics Swim club won his second senior title in a s many years in the senior ranks in the same event. He dropped from his time of 1:02.39 from 2015 to claim the title in 1:00.59. He won the decision over Matthew Lowe 1:00.78.the Bronze went to Tyler Russell in 1:01.93. Albury’s thoughts on his second senior title were  “I felt I did what I need to do in practice leading up to the race to prepare properly .I worked every individual detail with my coach with a lot of repetitions” I just came out and executed my race properly”

The fastest time of the day went to Jamaican Timothy Wynter who stroked his way to a new national record of 56.28 a mere .02 off the Rio Olympic b time.

The ladies of Swift Swimming won the 400 metre medley relay in 4:42.14.Alpha Aquatics won the Silver in 4:55.18 while the Barracudas won the Bronze in 4:55.19.

The final event of the night saw the The Barracudas men’s team taking the Gold in 4:00.37.Placing second was Swift Swimming in 4:01.31 and Bronze was won by Alpha aquatics in 4:20.06.

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