Jamaican teammates at Laurentian University in Canada Shaun Gordon and David MacSporran set lifetime bests recently at the OUA deBray Divisional Championships. The meet was held over short course metres (25 metres)  from Nov 26-27.

Shaun Gordon

Gordon lowered his 50 scm backstroke time from 30.84 to 28.50 to place 8th overall. In the 100 scm butterfly he dropped from 1:01.21 to 1:00.56 (split time 28.24) for 13th overall. In the 50 scm butterfly he was just off his personal best when he 26.95 for 10th .

Shaun Gordon

When asked about the meet and the outlook for the rest of the season the 3rd year Economics Major said

“ I was surprised with my 50 back and 50 fly times. The 100 fly was still a pb but I guess I was ambitious in wanting more. my outlook for the rest of the reason is hopeful to qualify for cis championships in February. Training camp is coming up so December will be an important month in preparations along with balancing with exams”.

In the relays Shaun and David’s Voyageurs B team placed 6th in the 200 scm freestyle relay in a time of 1:38.68. Gordon’s split on the 2nd leg was 24.53 while David contributed a 3rg leg split of 24.75.

In the 400 scm freestyle relay Shaun’s 3rd leg split for the B team was 55.61. David’s 2nd leg effort was timed at 54.96. The total team time was 3:41.14.

In the 200 scm medley relay Gordon swam on the A team that finished 2nd in 1:46.22. Shaun’s butterfly split was 27.07. David had a butterfly split of 27.20 to help the B team to 19th in 1:56.30.

David MacSporran

In individual races David lowered his time in the 100 scm butterfly from 1:02.41 to 1:01.61 (split time 28.09) to finish 16th . In the 200 scm backstroke the 2nd year Sport & Physical Education major went from 2:34.57 to 2:26.06 (split time 1:09.43) to finish 14th overall. He was 15th in the 200 scm butterfly in a time of 2:29.16 (split time 1:06.10).

David MacSporran

When asked about the meet and the rest of the season David said

“I got under 25 for the first time in my 50free split, at 24.75 I believe with a poor turn so I feel it could have been a little faster even, but that was a really great way to start off the meet it gave me a lot of confidence moving forward with my other events. The 100 fly was a solid swim too, I took it out well in a 28 flat, which is pretty close to what I need to be at to get under that one minute mark, and my end time of 1:01 is less than a second off my PB of 1:00, so it’s exciting to be back around that level after a bit of a slump at the end of last season. Getting under the 55 second mark on my relay split of the 4×100 free was also really great I was really happy with my takeoff and my stroke rate stayed high on the last 25 which is what allowed me to get that PB I think. I was surprised at the results of my freestyle races, since I was focussing on fly mostly going into divs, but moving forward I’ll be training more free to help out even more with those relays. As far as training for fly, I’m hoping to get a little more 200 work in there both for fly and free, since the first 50 was good but I feel like I need to work on my stamina to keep the speed high especially on that last 25. I am confident I can break the one minute mark in my 100 fly at the upcoming OUA championships”.

“I have had my eyes set on the CISC championships in 2018, since I feel like this year has really been a rebuilding year as I’ve made some tweaks to my eating and training habits and the results are already paying off, so I am excited to see what else will come of this.  I don’t know if I will be ready for events this summer however I will keep training hard, and if the opportunity arises I’m always working towards competing as part of an international team for Jamaica”.

Laurentian University finished 2nd in the 7 team competition with 379 points.

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