Celebrating a new Jamaican national record From left to right Azura Florida Aquatics Coach Marco Bellardi and 13-14 boys 100 metre breaststroke record holder Cameron Brown. Photo courtesy of Nicole Parker



For the calendar year 2016 Jamaica’s swimmers rewrote the national record books more than 30 times in the long course (50metre pool). It was not be hard to imagine another national standard would fall again in 2017. It took exactly 14 days for that to happen. The first person to start off the new round of record setting was Cameron Brown of Azura Florida Aquatics in Miami Florida.

Brown became the first 13-14 Jamaican swimmer to swim under 1 minute 10 seconds in the 100 metre breaststroke. On the first day of the 2 day Gulliver Senior Invitational on Saturday January 14 Cameron  had his best placing of the meet when he won the Bronze medal in the breastroke event in a time of 1:09.93. He had held the old national standard of 1:10.01. Brown set that mark at the 2016 Caribbean Islands Swimming Championships in Bahamas when he won Bronze in the boys’ 13-14 age group.

Cameron Brown focusing before his race. Photo courtesy of Ofelia Hamilton

In speaking about his record breaking feat Cameron had the following thoughts

Being in the final heat 9 of 9 of the boys 100 Breaststroke was great. I was up for the challenge and my aim really was to lower the 13-14 boys National record of 1:10.01 I set at CISC 2016. I had a great start, and my first 50 was fast. The next 50 was challenging but I kept pushing, I didn’t even realize I was in the 3rd spot until I checked the board at end of the race. Felt great that I actually medalled too.”

Coach Marco Bellardi in describing Cameron’s race and his work ethic said

He had an amazing reaction on the block and really worked the last 15 metres into the finish. Cameron was very focused behind the blocks before the start of the race. He is a hard worker in the practices and he is very clear on his goals“.

The improvement Cameron has made over the last year is seen in the comparison of his times at this meet and his times in January 2016 below. It also presents a strong case for his inclusion on the teams heading to CARIFTA to The Bahamas in April and CCCAN in Trinidad and Tobago in July respectively.

Event Jan 2017  Jan 2016
50 metre freestyle 27.24 28.55
100 metre freestyle 59.13 N/A
100 metre butterfly 1:06.82 1:08.89
100 metre breaststroke 1:09.93 1:16.12
200 metre breaststroke 2:41.12 2:48.47
200 metre Individual medley 2:28.97 2:38.01

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