Nathaniel Thomas of Campion College Four time record breaker 50 metre freestyle, 50 metre butterfly , 200 metre freestyle relay and 200 metre medley relay Photo courtesy of Lynval Lowe

Yet another high quality Mayberry Swimming Championship was held on Friday April 28, 2017 at the National Aquatic Centre. This was evidenced by the number of records that fell on the day. Many of the records that were broken were set by the returning members of the 2017 CARIFTA swim team that returned from The Bahamas less than two weeks earlier.

In the 11-12 age group it was Nathaniel Thomas of Campion College and Zaneta Alvaranga of Immaculate Conception High School who accounted for the new standards.

Nathaniel Thomas
Nathaniel Thomas with Gold medal won at CARIFTA 2017 in The Bahamas Photo courtesy of Michael C Lyn

In the boys category Thomas shattered the 2016 record of 27.65 by Wolmerian Kyle Sinclair to become the first 12 and under boy under 27 seconds at the meet with a swim of 26.71. Thomas, the CARIFTA 2017 Gold medallist in the event continues to track the national record of 26.29 set by former Kingston College and national standout Brad Hamilton. It would be the same in the 50 metre butterfly when he crushed the 2005 Championship record of 29.75 former Campion College and Jamaican age group star Jason Adams. With his record swim of 28.94 he became the first 12 and under boy under 29 seconds at the Mayberry meet. In his sights for 2017 will be the 2009 national record of 28.33 set by another former Campion college student Olympian Timothy Wynter .On his drive for 5 Gold medals he also won the 200 metre freestyle in personal best 2:20.38 and was a part of two record breaking relays. Campion set the mark of 1:59.41 in the 200 metre freestyle relay and then 2:16.32 in the 200 medley relay.

Zaneta Alvaranga (right) receives token from Mayberry representative Alvaranga set the fastest time ever swum at the Championship in the 50 metre butterfly. she also set records in the 50 and 100 metre freestyle Photo courtesy of Lynval Lowe

Alvaranga, who is the regional champion in both the 50 metre butterfly and 50 metre freestyle stamped her class at the high school meet. She won the 50 metre butterfly event in a quick 29.18 not far off her national and CARIFTA mark of 29.05.That performance crushed the 2013 meet record of 31.34  of another Immaculate Conception swimmer Angara Sinclair. It also stands as the fastest 50 metre butterfly time recorded by a girl at the Championship Zaneta is already faster than the 13-14 national mark of 29.57 and not far off the 15-17 standard of 28.87 held by Olympian Alia Atkinson. She was the only girl under 30 seconds at the meet.

Zaneta 11-12 CARIFTA fly record holder
Zaneta Alvaranga CARIFTA 11-12 50 metre butterfly Gold medallist ,Games and National record holder Phot courtesy of Michael C Lyn

In the 50 metre freestyle she lowered the 2012 meet record of 28.30 by Campion College’s D’Agaene Clarke to 28.15. That time was again the fastest time recorded by a girl at the meet. Alvaranga would complete the record trifecta when she lowered the 2016 record of 1:03.84 by Campion College’s Emily MacDonald with a 1:03.58 effort.  In her Golden Mayberry performance she would take the 50 metre backstroke in 34.39.Zaneta would also swim her signature butterfly to help her school to a record time of 2:24.10 in the 200 medley relay. The other members of that team were Imani Salmon, Alexis Leyow and Callier Maxwell.

Sabrina Lyn 200 freestyle and indivdual medley Champion Lyn is also the national record holder and CARIFTA Champion in the 100 metre butterfly Photo courtesy of Lynval Lowe

The 200 metre freestyle Gold medal was won the 11-12 100 metre butterfly CARIFTA Champion and national record holder Sabrina Lyn of Campion College in 2:37.09.

Joshua Alleyne CARIFTA
Joshua Alleyne CARIFTA 2017 Photo courtesy of Michael C Lyn

The boys 50 metre backstroke title was won by her teammate Joshua Alleyne in a time of 33.70.Alleyne was a finalist in the event at this year’s CARIFTA Championship.

Jaleel Samms CARIFTA 2017
Jaleel Samms CARIFTA 2017 Photo courtesy of Michael C Lyn

It would be another Campion College and 2017 CARIFTA duo as Lyn and Jaleel Samms won their respective 200 metre individual medley races in personal best times of 2:57.27 and 2:48.75 respectively.

Alleyne would win his second individual gold medal in the 100 metre freestyle when he clocked a personal best time of 1:02.74.

Zachary Johnson
Zachary Johnson Photo courtesy of David Mullings

The 50 metre breaststroke races were won by Tiara Campbell of Mount Alvernia High School in 39.46 and Wolmer’s Boys School Zachary Johnson 38.62.


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