Today August 6, 2017 Jamaica celebrates 55 years of Independence and a highly favoured daughter of the soil, Alia Atkinson delivered a fitting gift to the people of the land of wood and water by winning the 200 scm breaststroke in Berlin today on the second stop of  the FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup 2017.


face off Alia and Pedersen
European record holder Rikke Møller Pedersen and Jamaican record holder Alia Atkinson Photo courtesy of FINA Swimming World Cup – Berlin / Official Fanpage

Mere days after posting the second fastest time in her career in the event with a Bronze medal winning performance in Moscow of 2:20.63. Alia came to Germany stating that she had to fine tune aspects of her races and she did that in a big way. She qualified easily again with a time of 2:22.35 .That was almost the same time she did in the  preliminaries at the Moscow  tour when she posted 2:22.07. The European record holder in the 200 scm Rikke Møller Pedersen again topped the qualifiers with a swim of 2:21.87.

In the final it would be again Atkinson, who is the fastest Jamaican, man or woman in all formats of the 200 breaststroke whether it is yards ,scm (short course metres) or lcm ( long course metres) who went out the fastest in 31.65 .That was the same opening 50 metre split in Moscow

Alia Atkinson Photo courtesy of

Alia’s 200 Jamaican 200 breaststroke records

200 scy breaststroke 2:05.63
200 scm breaststroke 2:17.84
200 lcm breaststroke 2:25.48

The Dane went with her in 31.96, just .01 outside of her Russian opening salvo. That is where the similarities to Moscow ended as Pedersen did not overtake the Jamaican at the 100 metre mark .Alia had a slight advantage of 1:07.38 to 1:07.49 at the century point. Rikke would make an even greater press to gain the lead at the 150 mark but Atkinson would not yield but the lead was just .02 , 1:43.27 to 1:43.29.

Alia ready to take on the competition in Rio
Alia Atkinson Photo courtesy of adiimages

Seemingly summoning the strength of Jamaica’s lone heroine Nanny of the Maroons Alia put on a final 50 blast of 35.69 to take the Gold in a time of 2:18.96. Silver went to Pedersen in 2:19.52 and the Bronze in 2:19.96 to Fanny Lecluyse of Belgium. That performance and her improved back end speed should put her national record in jeopardy.

Analysis of Moscow and Berlin swims as well as the national record

Venue Date First 50 Second 50 Third 50 Last 50 Final time
Moscow Aug 3,2017 31.65 35.90 36.41 36.67 2:20.63
Berlin Aug 6,2017 31.65 35.73 35.89 35.69 2:18.96
Singapore Nov 2,2014 30.91 34.26 35.44 37.23 2:17.84

In the 50 metre butterfly Alia registered the fourth fastest preliminary time of her world Cup career to place 14th in time of 26.45. Tomorrow’s races will see her competing in the 100 scm individual medley and the 100 scm breaststroke for which she is the reigning World Champion.


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