The World Record holder in the 100 scm breaststroke Alia Atkinson had given an early warning of things to come on the second stop of the 2017 FINA/airweave Swimming World Cup in Moscow when she said she was going to work on putting on the best race technically for this year’s tour . The first day of the Eindhoven leg was near perfection as she came close to her global standard of 1:02.36.


The script could not have been written any better as Eindhoven was the site of her first 100 scm breaststroke  World Cup win on Aug 7,2013 in 1:03.90.Also in the morning heats Alia and her long time tour rival and co world record holder Lithuanian Rūta Meilutytė    in the event  touched in the  same exact time  of 1:04.75.

Name heats First 50 split Last 50 split Final Time
Rūta Meilutytė August 11,2017 30.37 34.38 1:04.75
Alia Atkinson August 11,2017 30.40 34.35 1:04.75

Alia corporate sponsors 2017.PNG

As draftingthecaribbean had suggested when Alia swims the first 50 metres under 29.50 the World record will come under threat as her finishing speed is greatly improved. In the Championship final there would be no sharing as Atkinson, who is sponsored by Rainforest Seafoods, GKMS and National Bakery, covered the first 50 metres under World record pace as her 50 metres in 29.32.That was more than half a second faster than the chasing Rūta who split the race at 29.90. Her improved stamina was in evidence as she also had the fastest last 50 metres with a clocking of 33.35. Atkinson final time on the scoreboard read 1:02.67. That was Atkinson’s 8th time under 1:03 seconds and the 4th fastest time she has recorded on the World Cup Tour.

Alia getty images Netherlands
Alia Atkinson waves to the crowd after the 100 scm breaststroke at Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium Pieter van den Hoogenband Swimming Stadium Photo courtesy of Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images Europe

Analysis of World Records swims and the 2017 Eindhoven performance

Venue Date First 50 split Last 50 split Final Time
Qatar Dec 6,2014 29.46 32.90 1:02.36
France Aug 26,2016 29.33 33.03 1:02.36
Netherlands Aug 11,2016 29.32 33.35 1:02.67

Silver went to Meilutytė in 1:03.79 and the Bronze to American Breeja Larson in 1:04.81.
Alia had earlier placed 17th in the heats of the 200 scm individual medley in a time of 2:14.94



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